SERVICES: Custom WordPress Theme Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Although WordPress is typically known as a blogging platform, it’s uses are varied, and can be used to run a standard / non-blog site as well.

WordPress themes are just like website templates. A theme is a group of templates that WordPress uses when it displays your site content on the browser to your visitors. It does establish how your site will look to the visitors.

There are thousands of Themes available free, but if you want a custom or unique look for you website you need to develop custom built themes which is compatible with WordPress CMS.

WordPress Theme Integration Service
  • Custom coding/custom plugins — have an existing plugin modified to fit your needs, or have me write a plugin from scratch, designed specially for your needs
  • WordPress upgrades — get your site upgraded to the latest and greatest, and have your plugins modified, if needed
  • Specialized blog permissions — customize the restrictions placed on your blog’s authors
  • Migration to WordPress — move your site to WordPress without breaking your old links


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