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Web Sites

No doubt, a web site is corporate’s identity on the Internet; the impression it conveys holds the visitor’s attention and makes them come back again and again. Creativ Solution creates visually pleasing custom web sites that serve as a successful advertising tool.

Our company has considerable professional web design expertise to present effectively the client’s best interest to the current and potential web audience. All sites created by Creativ Solution meet the client’s goals and effectively establish its presence on the Internet.

Creativ Solution and its top-notch employees will craft the perfect look and feel of the website, our skilled programmers will use latest technologies to develop it, as our experienced marketing managers and consultants will make sure the search engines will find and properly rank it.


Unlike common websites, microsites require a lesser amount of information or development and they are dedicated to a certain product or service. We usually associate them with a communication campaign and we use this approach to attract your target audience.

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